Why do you need Protectee?

With Protectee,
the best case scenario is to
localize, in real time, your lost or stolen mobile devices and take them back into your custody. In the worst case scenario, you have the best alternative: you can wipe all data in order to restrain access to competitors or any malicious acts. Find out how you can protect your business from theft.


More than 78% of
serious corporate data breach and workplace identity theft are due to lost and stolen mobile devices. Mobile Devices Life Report say that over 110 mobile devices are lost or stolen every minute in the U.S.
Are you willing to take
that risk?

Are your mobile devices attractive to thiefs?


Never say never

Stay in control all the time and remote special requests for lost or stolen devices. By doing this, you prevent data leakage to competition,
or worst, to your own clients.

Get in contact with current user

You can remote requests for webcam photos or desktop screen snapshots in order to see who's using your device at one moment. If needed, you can communicate with the actual user and hope for being the one who found your lost or stolen device. A happy end means saving money and time, both.

Track all user position

Proactively track and trace all users location, even when they are not declared as stolen or missing. Localize any equipment position on map, in real time.

Delete all sensitive data

You can remotely send messages to lost devices and also remote command data wipe on lost or stolen equipment.



Increase data security

Improve significantly the data security by educating your staff , in order to manage the easiest and safest practices against bad-intended people.

Alarm when needed

Alarm when predefined parameters are met. Create your own sets of alarms to be notified when devices are not communicating in the network or when devices are declared as stolen.

Secure your mobile devices today