Protect against mobile devices theft
Protect against mobile devices theft Intentoree

1 of 4 mobile devices is lost or stolen in its usefull lifetime


Control your mobile devices

Gain inside access

Gather inside information about your monitored mobile devices, who is currently using them, what is their status and where are they located. Gain control through magic numbers and graphics.

Protect against device theft

Losing one of your equipment can be translated into loss of money, but also of confidential or sensitive data. Stay updated to check, at any time, your mobile devices for each user.

Connect via Wi-Fi

In case of stolen devices, our solution connects automatically via Wi-Fi, even if there are no user and password logged in. From that moment, there is physical tracking going on.

Start saving money

It takes just a few minutes to install our theft protection solution in your entire network. No servers to manage, no IT expertise required to start getting results.

Secure your mobile devices today